From now on working at height is safer, more ergonomic and more efficient than ever thanks to this innovative product.

And the secret formula of this success? Four generations of expertise in ladders and step ladders, plus a 3-year design and development phase. It’s clear that mobile work platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years in Europe and America. The LIFT CART therefore comes at just the right time.

If the standard LIFT CART isn’t what you’re looking for, we are happy to build you a customised lift. Or we will find the right solution for you.


Lease from €191.30/month

Das Lifts stands for An impressive combination!


The LIFT CART provides a stable and spacious platform with fall protection by means of a cage structure. The user always has two hands free to work safely. Moreover, all materials can be taken to the right working height safely in one go.


The operator can continuously adjust the LIFT CART height using the electric control panel. This means the user is at the optimum ergonomic working height at all times.


The LIFT CART is easy to move manually on flat surfaces. It has swivel castors so it is extremely manoeuvrable, making it easy to position correctly in small areas. With just one press of the button the platform moves to the height you need in no time at all. Moreover, you also have all your materials and goods in the right place immediately.

What can the lift cart offer you?

Spacious and comfortable with plenty of carrying area, but still very compact. The Lift Cart can be moved easily through door openings, lift doors, under low overhangs, etc. The LIFT CART is easily manoeuvrable and can be stored in small areas. The LIFT CART is extremely suitable for indoor use on flat surfaces, such as in industry, finishing companies, facility management, hospitals, warehouses, automotive sector, airports, etc. Our product is “Made in Belgium”, with only the best Belgian suppliers, so top quality is guaranteed.